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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Memories 2011

This year for Christmas we were by ourselves.  This is only our second year we have been by ourselves as a family.  For Christmas Eve we had our traditional Mexican food grub.  I had gone out to Tamahli's to buy tamales for dinner.  They are the best to buy from around here in San Antonio.  I bought bean and cheese tamales, Cowboy tamales (beef), pork tamales... and poblano tamales.  Spent a small fortune on them, but now I know what to buy next year and what to get!  Add in our chipotle rice I make, and guac & chips .... cheese dip for Katie ... and other yummy foods and we were set! 

We had our traditional Nut in the Pudding game for dessert (whoever finds the nut in their pudding wins a prize).  My girls are getting good at guessing what the prize is. I always buy a game or a movie.  Next year I think I need to change up the plan!  Anyways, the prize this year was $10 plus Just Dance Summer Edition.  The girls played that all night long.

They opened their Christmas Eve gift (pajamas...surprise surprise!) ... and we chased them to bed at 10:30.  I had made cinnamon rolls that didn't rise (I blame the yeast...). BOO!  Next year I need to use the right kind of yeast.

Surprisingly, they didn't wake up until 8:00 in the morning -- so we did get to sleep in a little!

They all received gifts they loved and specifically asked for.  Katie asked for a Wand (curling iron w/ no clip), a blow dryer, Vera Bradley lunch box & wristlet (and a Mini Hipster... but she didn't get it), a bathrobe, a Justin Bieber toothbrush .... she was always changing her list up until the day before Christmas.  Finally I had to say ENOUGH!  Maddie was harder to buy for ... she didn't ask for much!  She did ask for a Vera Bradley lunch box (she also wanted a backpack, but she didn't get it.... after many reviews showing nothing fits in the bag that she needs to take to school, why buy it?!), boots, Just Dance 3, and other little things.  My mom found her the Edward Barbie doll to match her Jacob doll... so she was happy about that.  Since I *cough* threw away her other Barbie dolls months ago, she wanted another Barbie doll.  Now Barbie has Jacob & Edward to play with.  What more could a Barbie doll ask for??? 

Neither of the girls asked for electronics!  They each got a good loot of things they wanted... and were genuinely happy with all that was given to them.

I was able to surprise Mike for the first time in my life... I bought him a super nice GPS -- to help him find his way around town when he has to go to jobs.

Grandma & Papa Nelson gave them clothes for church and each got a makeup kit.  Here they are modeling the clothes: 



After church that day, we headed to our friend's home for a Christmas dinner ... we had a great time with several close families that day.  I wore my new cowboy boots that Mike had given to me for Christmas!  Yee haw! 


  1. looks like you all had a great Christmas.... Oh and I love tamales. Ryan has a few dental assistants that makes homemade tamales few days a week. He brings some home.. YUMMY!

  2. LOVE Katie's tights! I seriously need a pair!

  3. I can't believe how grown up your girls have gotten. I love their new church dresses.....Beautiful! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas.


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