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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Building a cabin ... part 8

After Christmas, we headed up to the cabin in East Texas.  Mike's sister Tiffany and her family were joining us the next day for a few days (they stayed in our popup outside).
We all had a great time!!  We went four wheeling, the guys took the kids hunting (the two youngest stayed behind in the cabin), we went fishing at the lake ... ate out a few times.  Watched movies, and played outside.  Got lots of fresh air and just relaxed.  The weather ended up being PERFECT! 

After Tiffany & her family left, Mike and I took the girls hunting that night.  It was seriously the first time I had ever hunted.  Katie & I took a deer stand up at the top of the hill, and Mike and Maddie took the stand at the bottom of the property (Mike's friend's property).  We were loaded down with blankets, binoculars, water... and my book.  :)  However, since it was New Year's Eve, some people decided to do target shooting right at sundown.  Then the fireworks started going off.  Pretty soon I get a text from Mike telling me they were ready when we were.... so Katie & I got into the four wheelers and picked them up. Went hunting for about two hours, maybe less?  I'd surprisingly do it again!

The final full day we were there, Mike started work on the soffit. First he had to finish the front of the house, getting the outer siding on.  We didn't put the cedar on the front of the house because eventually we're going to build on in that area.  We're adding a front room (living room) and then to the side we'll add a master bedroom and another bathroom.  So, no need to add the real siding if that siding is going to come off.


Mike is working on the soffit here .... he is framing it up.


So, he finished that up while I got to paint a primer on all the wood on the bottom of the cabin.  It took some time, as I had to recaulk, dust off the sand, dig sand out from the wood, and then paint two coats of primer all around the house.  I was glad when it was done!  I was also honored that Mike would ask me to do painting as the last time I tried to paint, he took the paintbrush out of my hands and said "you're fired... you're a crappy painter."  I guess 12 years was long enough of time to pass before I could get a paintbrush back in my hands?  I had strict rules:  I couldn't get it on the cedar or the yellow boards.  Yikes.  I did good though!



Here is looking at the front of the cabin (from the road).  The bottom part of the siding has been weathered for a month, so soon the top will look a little more weathered.  After it's been weathered a little longer, Mike will apply a stain to all sides to make it more of a cabin look.


Since we're finally down to the bathroom detail, Mike placed the mirror/cabinet in the bathroom.  We decided to keep the faucet & fixture matching with the mirror, so even though you can't tell in the mirror what the color is (it looks black), it's actually an oil rubbed bronze.  It looks really good.


(this is what it looks like as far as the oil rubbed bronze)


Mike is heading back down to the cabin this weekend.  He hopes to finish the soffit, get the outside lights on & electricity line ran (has to do this first before he can put up the siding for the back of the cabin), and at night, he will work on tiling the bathtub and put the flooring in!!  I'm sure he'll get so much accomplished when the girls and I aren't there!


Mike is at the cabin now, and sent me this picture last night of how it looks so far.... he's doing a great job!



  1. He is doing a wonderful job! It makes me wish I had a cabin off somewhere. I love this transformation.

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