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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mom's Rules... getting kids to make their bed

Last week I went on a mission in my girls' room. 

I went in with trashbags (for trash), several more trashbags (to giveaway clothes), broom, dustpan, and anything else I needed to get me through this trying time.
It took me two days overall... day one was spent almost crying in the corner (wait.. there wasn't a corner to be found ... too much stuff everywhere) ... anyways, I spent day one walking around mindlessly, picking up some trash, and I left.  I was fuming mad.

Day two I pulled everything out of their closet.  I proceeded to clean it. I hung up clothes that had fallen, reorganized their closet according to pants, shirts, hoodies, dresses, skirts, etc.  OK, that was just on Katie's side.  I still have Maddie's side to do.  I arranged their shoes.  I tossed about 3 bags full of trash full of broken hangers, paper that had their "pretend school", duct tape roses ... so much junk!
What I didn't put away, I left it out in the open of their room for them to put away.

After it was all said and done and the girls went through their clothes (we don't need size 6 panties for Maddie anymore... toss!) it was .. mostly... clean!
The next day.. it was messy again.  I.give.up!
Then I posted a sign above their bed.  I got smart. 


Let's say that we're working on this in baby steps.  So far the bed has been made daily, so yay!!  What you don't see at the bottom of this next picture is that all their clothes & another blanket is at the bottom of the bed.  ::thud::

Next week... their room will have to be clean before they leave the house.  That means... picking it up before bed.  Let's hope it works!


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  1. lol! I just did the same this with my kids. Kyla gets up every morning and fixes her bed now and helps her siblings do it too. I'm happy. :)


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