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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Katie + Vintage clothes = so cool!!

Last Thanksgiving my mom brought Katie a dress that was sitting in a closet.  Whose closet?  We're not sure... no one remembers this dress, but for some reason I remember seeing it in a picture of someone in my family!

Katie has a church activity coming up in which she needs to have a floor length dress to wear.  These type of dresses are HARD to find, and I remembered we had this dress stashed in her closet.  So, I made her get it out and try it on. Since it is sleeveless, she added a little cardigan to the dress.  It fits!  I don't think she was THAT crazy about it, but it's money I don't have to spend on a floor length dress that she will most likely never wear again...  so she's wearing it.  I think we'll do her hair in the '60's style that night. :)

Momma went a little overboard w/ the pictures....



It's really not THAT bad!  :)  Except for the bottom of the dress....  wish I had some mad skills on the sewing machine so I could .. uh.. fix that ruffly thing.



  1. that is a cute dress. My daughter Em would love it..

  2. What?! Fix the ruffle?! Don't do it! That dress is divine. I am dying over how fabulous it is. I wish I had one just like it!


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