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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

{botanical gardens}

Two weeks ago I signed Maddie's permission slip to go on a field trip. I didn't really pay any attention to where they were going, I just signed it. Then, the meltdown begins. Maddie starts crying b/c she's so worried she won't be able to go b/c she didn't pay her money (I paid it beginning of the school year), then she was worried she was going to get left behind, then it was one thing after another. Finally, I said "umm... do you want me to go w/ you?" She said "YES!", so I went.

The night before the field trip, I asked her "now, where are we going?" She replied "the potato garden". I said "oh." It didn't sound right. Finally, I said "honey, I don't think they grow potatoes here, do you mean the Botanical Garden?" She shrugged, and said "I dunno".

It was the Botanical Garden... not the potato garden!

Anyways, we arrived at the gardens on a warm, cloudy day. I was very sore from my workout with Bob from Biggest Loser. I walked VERY slowly, wincing when I went up steps. I learned something from Madison that day. She is very much like her Grandpa Rod. Papa Rod has always been in the front, leading the way while the rest of us are huffing & puffing in the back. He's always been like this since I was little. I credited him to having long legs for this reason... and Madison has long legs too, but I don't know if that's the reason anymore. She did not wait for any of her friends, she just took off. "C'mon over here Mom!" "Mom! over here!" "MOOOMM! Hurry up!" She didn't even take time to smell the ROSES! I mean... c'mon! It's a flower garden! Let's look at the flowers instead of trying to get through the entire garden in 2 hours!

The garden was very beautiful. There was a section where children come and plant vegetables. I tried in vain to show Maddie what grows and how it looks. But little Miss "Catch me if you can" just zoomed all over the place, very uninterested in any of the plants. I'm rethinking the "I want to grow things Mom!" request from her....

We see a huge pond, surrounded by a couple of pioneer homes. Very interesting and neat! Around this lake, are geese, waiting patiently for you to feed them. All you need is a quarter, and tada! They're fed! These aren't your normal geese though. They KNOW where their food comes from, and they wait by it. I kept honking 'Aflac.... Aflac" to them, but I don't think they had a clue what I was saying. ::what nerds::

Well, Maddie's friend's mom Irene and I kept trying to capture a picture of a goose that kept lifting up the dispenser to find more food. It was hilarious, until another goose bit me on my leg. Then it wasn't so funny. They basically said "feed me, or get out of here". So, we got outta there!

I thought this was so cool... see the roots grab onto the concrete? That's what holds them there!

I found a magnolia tree! We couldn't see the flowers without bringing the tree down, but this was the best we could do.... awesome!


  1. How fun!! I still giggle that she thought it was a potato garden. So cute. You got some great pictures!

  2. Love the pics! But...where is the action shot of the goose that nipped you? Mom

  3. looks like you all had a wonderful time at the " Potato" garden.


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