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Monday, May 11, 2009

{Mother's Day Recap}

Wow... what a weekend!

Saturday the girls & I cleaned the house, while Mike helped someone in our ward move. It was supposed to have been a short one hour move, but it turned into a 3 hour + move with only 4 men total. :( Poor guy.. then he had to go to the church to help with discussions for a nonmember... then we left at 2:30 for Katie's soccer game. Awesome lady made a goal! Good for Katie!

So, we didn't go out to eat for lunch like we normally would have for Mother's Day. Instead, Mike kicked me out of the house on Saturday night. I refused to leave, actually. There wasn't anything I wanted to do. Nor anything I wanted to buy (OK, there's ALWAYS something I want to buy, but I'm not even close to saving up the money, so why look?).... finally I was mad enough that I DID leave, and apparently it was all part of the plan.

I left to go head around the shops. I called a friend, and quite coincidentally, we were heading to the SAME store at the SAME time! We ended up eating dinner together & just gabbing for a few hours. It was pure enjoyment for me! {Thanks Shauna!!}

When I got home, I had tulips waiting for me in my vase, a card, and a Carrie Underwood Cd. Granted, I didn't know any of the songs on this particular Carrie Underwood CD (I'd rather have her first CD), I was still excited! Then Mike told me I had another present in the freezer.. my all time favorite cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! Godiva Chocolate! YUMM!

On Sunday morning I slept in as long as I could... 7:30. Just couldn't sleep in much longer than that. The girls wanted to make breakfast for me (aka... Mike would make breakfast). He made hashbrowns, bacon, eggs & toast with orange juice. Perfect!!

After breakfast, we got ready for church... the girls sang in the little kids' choir, and it was cute. Afterwards the women received little cute boxes filled with truffles! tied with a cute bow! Awesome! Headed on to Sunday school class (which Mike teaches), and we get the announcement that they're canceling the final hour of church b/c the air conditioner was broken in some of the rooms. PERFECT! I get to take a nap!!

Headed home, took a short nap, then we had dinner at a friend's house. Oh, a perfect evening to a perfect day! LOVED IT! {thanks Readings!}

Here are some of the homemade gifts the girls made.

Here is Maddie's Poem (including misspellings)


clean, butiful

giver, leader, teacher

reads storys every night


(OK.. still laughing @ butiful)

Here is Katie's poem:

Where She's From

Where is she from? She's from a family that believes different things

She's from a crafty family, from a "pop-eye the sailor man" little brother, and from a hearing-aide Grandpa.

She's from a Won-Ton eating family and from a lover of music.

She's from cries after cries from little girls, from going out and eating Mexican food and helping the school

She's from a card game of golf, lots of books and being on the computer ALL THE TIME!!!

She's from cooking up a storm, from doing the dishes & talking on the phone A LOT!!!

She's from buying a lot of stuff, from liking the opposite of what I like and from making us do our Chores.

{OK... In my defense, I'm never on the phone, nor am I on the computer a lot. In fact, my girls have taken over the computer due to Webkins. Wow, in the eyes of my daughter, I'm learning a lot about myself! }

I also had to LAUGH on Sunday @ church when I read the girl's replies to these questions:

1) What is your mom's favorite food?

Katie: salad (FAR from it kid!)

Madison: steak (sometimes)

2) What is your mom's favorite chore?

Katie: doing dishes

Madison: My mom loves doing ALL the chores! (um... yeah, right)

3) What is your mom's favorite thing to wear?

Katie: skirts (OK... does this kid even know me?)

Madison: short sleeved shirts

4) What is the one thing your mom always says?

Katie: Remember I love you!

Madison: Clean your room!

5) What is the one thing that your mom does to make you feel special?

Katie: Play games with me

Madison: I love it when she tells me she loves me


  1. One thing your Mom always says. "Clean your room!". LOL!!!! That made me laugh out loud! What a fun Mother's Day!

  2. what a great post! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's day!
    For sure you are loved by your family! :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend and mothers day. I am laughing at Katie for saying you love to wear skirts. I think I have only seen you in a skirt for church. hahah:) I sooo want your cake- yummy!!!

    Mike and the girls did a good job. And way to go Katie scoring a goal!

  4. What a nice day! Must have done your heart good.


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