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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{a few thoughts on motherhood}

It kills me. Literally KILLS me.

Last week Katie took a bite out of her Twizzler, and took the bitten part and slyly threw it on the floor of my car. I caught her. I told her she had to clean my car out on Saturday. I forgot to have her clean it. So, who reminded me?

Yep, Madison did! On Monday she said "Mommy... did you forget that Katie was supposed to clean out your car on Saturday?"

Yesterday I told the girls we had to do a quick clean in our house before the missionaries came over for dinner. I told Maddie to empty the dishwasher, and Katie to vacuum. Katie started vacuuming, while Maddie is where I normally find her when she's trying to dodge doing anything. On the toilet. Always on the toilet. After all, how can a mother say "NO" to THAT? Well, Katie promptly reminded me after Maddie washed her hands and went to her room "Ummm... Mom? Doesn't Maddie have to empty the dishwasher?"

Why is it that my girls can remember the other's chores, but not their OWN chores?? It never fails. NEVER! They're each other's tattletale.


  1. sounds like my house. Emily will remind the boys to take out the trash. But Emily never remembers to clean the bathrooms.

  2. Classic. My boys are the same way! Ugh.

  3. I love it!! Maybe you should start some kind of unreward system :o) If you find anything that works, let me know. My boys drive me crazy tattle telling!

  4. haha-- that is funny. I remember Tiffany and I doing the same thing to each other. Guess my girls will too-- cant wait:0

  5. Hilarious! And I'm thinking this tattletale service will become more valuable in the teen years. :)


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