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Monday, May 18, 2009

{update to C25K}

Well... I hate running.

There, I said it.

I really hate running! I have no clue what week I'm in, and I frankly don't care. I'm just doing my own thing now. Run when I feel like it, walk when I feel like it. Works for me! I figure eventually I'll be able to run a full long distance run.... in the future. I tend to stop when something in my body starts screaming at me "hey you.... I hurt!", so I listen and stop. Can't seem to "PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN!" like they tell you when you're in childbirth.

Today it is beautiful. We've been *cough* enjoying *cough* weather in the high 90's. Way too hot for me to be running outside. I think my lungs just screamed at me one time too many. Today it's in the low 80's. PERFECT weather! So, I made it running over 20 minutes (aka...running when I felt like it...) Total time I walked/ran though was an hour.

There was the first 9 minutes of running I wasn't doing so hot, so I stopped & walked. Then I reached a point later on in my run/walk that I was running without pain, without breathing pain... Breathing's so overrated, y'know? ::snort:: It was a great feeling, until I saw a huge hill ahead of me and decided to walk it. I'm such a wimp.

I used the shuffle feature on Katie's ipod. We breezed through a ton of Madonna songs... "Living in a Material world.. materialllll..." to "Supercalifragiliousgetmealagocious"... or however you spell it.... to "I'm not that Girl" from Wicked.

Yes, I hit "NEXT" a few times. I can't be bothered with Primary songs when I'm running.

P.S. You're still singing one of those songs, aren't you?!


  1. Trust me, we all have been there.YOU are doing great! KEEP it up.:)

  2. Before I move we ARE going to do a 5K together. That's a promise!

  3. I think its great that you do run walk on what you feel. That way you dont burn yourself out. Your getting better at it. Do you ever clock how far you are run/walking?
    -ps still no baby. hahah-- tons of cramping-tightening and misery though:)


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