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Sunday, May 24, 2009

{Miss Maddie!}

What a day!

Friday morning I decided to go for a WALK! Not a run. A walk! I was going to "take it easy". Well, while walking, I ran into a friend, who was jogging at a nice slow pace. She spotted me, I spotted her, and we walked for a bit, before I decided to go ahead & jog with her. I wasn't expecting to jog that day, but I did! I found that I love having someone to jog with! It really motivates me! Course, she did ask me several times "you OK?". Probably due to my heavy breathing. ::oops:: I felt great!!

After my shower, I hurried and found my coupons to Target so I could get my pound of apples free, not to mention the other coupon goodies that I've been finding at Target! Clipped them out, and ran off to Target. Well, Mike & the girls gave me a Carrie Underwood CD (Carnival Ride). I don't know any of the songs on it except for one: I Told You So. I love that song. However, I'd rather have her first CD, if I'm going to pick one. Well, I've been to Target about 3 times this past week or so, and each time I've forgotten the darn CD! Guess what? I forgot it again too!

Then, Mike told me to get my car washed. I guess he was sick of seeing bird droppings all over my car. Those darn doves! They may sound beautiful, but boy do they drop like there's no tomorrow! Anyways, get my car washed at one of those old fashioned car washes (that your car is on a conveyer belt (kind of) and those big washrags are brushing your car (kind of)....) anyways, that's what I went through! I get home, and an hour later, a bird decided to leave me a little present. ARGH!

Then, I go to pick up the girls from school. Maddie's teacher comes out to tell me that she had to give Maddie an unhappy face today because she kicked a boy in the priv@tes. So, according to Maddie, several of the boys were bothering her by stepping on her feet, and pulling her hair. So when they refused to stop after she told them to stop, she just turned around, kicked her foot up and I guess it landed in the spot where-it-shall-not-be-named-but-hurts-so-bad-if-you-kick there place. She said "he started screaming & grabbed his priv@tes Momma!" So, guess we need to give a little talk about where it's not great to kick....

Then, Katie's at a lateover, and Miss Maddie has a friend sleeping over tonight. I personally want to put an end to sleepovers. Anyways, after I dropped Katie off, I took the little ones to McD's for dinner & to play. Half an hour later, M's friend came to me and said in a loud voice quite frantically "there's a LIZARD in the slide!!" Well, lizards are a pretty frequent sight around here, but still.. inside McD's Play area?!! I got up, and so did another mom who overheard. We stood there and stood there waiting for Maddie or her friend to come down and tell us which slide. Then here comes little Miss Maddie. Laughing her head off. She said "oh, I'm just kidding!" ALL of the parents SIGHED! I secretly wonder what they were thinking. Were they thinking "what a firecracker that kid is?" or "does that kid keep her mom on her toes or what?" or several other things....

Anyways, that was a look at a day in my life! I'm so ready for bed.


  1. Thanks for sharing a day in your life with us! :)
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Oh and running with a buddy makes the time go by faster! :)

  3. I'm so proud of you Amy, you are working so hard! Good job!

    We're leaving June 26. So you and the girls have to come swimming at the complex for old times sakes!! Can't wait to see you again!


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