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Monday, May 4, 2009

{Week 5.... again}

OK, after my run last Thursday night, which proved to me I was NOT ready to go to week 6, I'm repeating week 5 and doin' my own thang!

Now, I have been sore in the buttocks {think Forrest Gump when he says this!} as well in my legs (remember me cursing Bob from Biggest Loser for all those lunges?? Yep, that did it!). Literally, it took me a few seconds to sit down, to stand up from sitting down, and walking. Mike made fun of me. :( Darn that Mike. He just laughed his head off watching me squint my eyes when I got up off the couch. I did get a compliment out of him though! He said "now, don't get ahead of yourself, but your butt looks like it's rounding up nicely". Alrighty then! {think Ace Ventura} I'll take it, and I forgive him for laughing at me. :]

Anyways, it took me from Friday - Sunday to recover. Friday I went on a field trip with Maddie's class, and oh my! I about died from all the walking! That's for another post... I got bit by a GOOSE!

Anyways, back to my story...

So, after the girls left for school, I took off running. Did 5 minutes brisk walking, then I ran for TEN whole minutes! Wahoo! Then, I walked for 5 minutes to catch my breath, then ran for another 5 minutes. I didn't keep track of what I ran/walk, but I did the entire 4 mile trail walking & running. I do know I ran 5 minutes twice, one 10 minute cycle, and a bunch of 1-3 minute running cycles.

I felt FINE! Mighty FINE! {think O Brother Where Art Thou? when I write "Mighty fine"} Now, my legs hurt. And so does my Buttocks. In fact, my legs are trembling. Gotta be a good thing!

What am I gonna do on Wednesday? Not sure, maybe try for 12 - 15 minutes running straight, and hopefully by Friday I can do the 20 minutes straight.


  1. That's awesome! You are doing so great. I need to get my butt in gear exercise wise. We'll see if that really happens :) I also love all your movie references lol.

  2. YES you can run 12- 15 minutes! :)

  3. I love it... I had the same experience when I attend a class by this trainer/drill sergeant. He started us off by running 3 miles(this was the warm up), then added things that I have never done before (45 min). My abs, legs and triceps killed me for 4 days. The bad side, I work these areas out all of the time! I obviously must be doing something wrong :o)


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