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Sunday, May 3, 2009

{maddie's beautiful roses}

I can't grow anything. Green wise, I mean. I can grow kids, but that's it.

But there are a few rose bushes outside my house. And these beautiful flowers are blooming.

Maddie checks on them everyday. She's so tickled pink to see flowers growing.

Now she wants to grow some flowers. Lord, help me. I have to teach her how to grow stuff. All I know how to do is kill flowers. :( But, if my child has an interest in something, I want to be able to foster a love for things she's interested in. I need a dummy's guide to planting stuff.

I just threw a plant my neighbor gave me away. Get this. On the label it said "hard to kill... for the plant lover who doesn't have a green thumb". And I killed it.
Yep... I'm a flower/green murderer.


  1. buy some zinnia seeds. You cant kill them unless you dont water them. They grow huge too. Maddi will love them because they bloom all summer.

  2. Oiy, I hear ya! I love flowers and plants, but I am just plain lazy and forgetful when it comes to taking care of them. I forget important things...like watering.

  3. I kill plants too. I once had a plant in Idaho on our porch that seemed to be "surviving" my black thumb and was growing strong. I thought my curse had lifted, until my neighbor told me they fertilize it and water it for me!!!

    Way to go Maddie, maybe she can grow things since she checked it everyday, Is that the trick?


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