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Saturday, May 2, 2009

{I luv this purse}

When we took a trip back home to Kansas City back in March, my parents asked me what I wanted to do, or rather, what places did I HAVE to go to. On my list was Gordman's. I love Gordman's. It used to be called the Half Price Store, and I have found so many of my house decorations there, for half the price! Love that store!

I have always loved their purses. I always treat myself to a new purse every year. I don't buy anything fancy. This year, I bought this purse, with this wallet. They had colors of black, white, pink & yellow. The yellow I was really leaning towards, then the black (b/c it'll go w/ everything!), but deep down inside, I just couldn't get away from the pink. It was calling my name. "Amy! Amy! You know you want me!" so, I listened to the purse, and I bought it.

Good old Katie rolled her eyes, and said "PiNk? You picked PINK?!!"

Madison LOVED the pink purse (her favorite color is pink).

I love it too! and my wallet goes with it just perfectly!


  1. I love it. How cute. Especially love the plaid wallet.

  2. That is so cute! I love the combination of the plaid wallet and the purse. Really nice!

  3. I like it too. Gosh I dont think I will have a new purse in years. I have to carry to much baby stuff around and its about to double:(

  4. Oooh, I love it! The color is perfect.


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