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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{Run #2 Week 5.. again}


Yay! I did 15 minutes straight this morning. ::sigh:: My bandana is completely drenched, thanks in part to southern Texas humidity (at 7:45 in the morning!). But I ran 15 minutes straight! Yay! I find when I stop running (especially after running for a longer period of time), it's hard to start up running again after walking for a bit. Another mental roadblock I have to overcome....

I snagged up a fancy ipod holder that goes around your arm at Target on Monday night that was marked down to $6 instead of $25, so that was very handy to have my hands free while I run!

Oh, and another update on the doctor. After I told the PA (who was a little snot nose if you ask me) to leave a note for the DOCTOR to look at my tests, her nurse finally called me back and told me the doctor wanted to put me on a low dosage of thyroid pills. YAY! Hopefully my weight will drop a little enough to kick start my weight loss. I also asked her to clarify my cholesterol results, and they were WAY much lower than I thought the PA said. Like 50 points lower. So I'm not in a major danger zone. It's a little high, but not that bad....

So, I picked up my pills (so thankful they're only $4!), and now I take them in the morning with a full glass of water, and I can't eat for an hour after I take them. I'll keep you posted on how I feel with them.

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  1. Wow! 15 minutes, ipod holder, giving the PA a smackdown, lower cholesterol...that is one sweet day, beginning to end! :)


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