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Thursday, May 28, 2009

{just being crafty!}

I found this amazing tutorial (click on that link if you want to learn!) a few months ago on making scrabble tile pendants. I had a few of the supplies, but I had to wait until I found a box of Scrabble at the thrift store! I finally found a box for $1.99! After putting it off for a few days, I went ahead and gave it a shot to see how it would turn out.
I had Diamond Glaze from a previous *cough* attempt at another jewelry craft, and I couldn't figure out how to do it after I put $$ into buying all the supplies. {{does that ever happen to you?!}} But, the newest supply item that I need to find now is the 3D Crystal Lacquer to use instead of Diamond Glaze. I guess that's an online order only. Darn! I had a hard time getting bubbles out of the glaze, but oh well, we've got to start somewhere, right?!
Check out my latest pendants. Need to find some more paper that has little designs on it...
(as well as something not PINK!)
LOVE picnik.com!! Made this picture "POP!"

Sadly, this picture I didn't edit on picnik.com, so it doesn't "pop" as much, but you get the idea that it's a scrabble tile that I used (and one of the letters that we never use! Q!)!

OK, on to my next craft... which was a baby blanket. I like to use a yard of some cutesy material with a yard of flannel. I just flip right side of cutesy fabric facing w/ the flannel, sew, leaving about 4-6 inches (maybe not that much) so I can pull it right side out, then hand stitch (which leaves me groaning b/c I'm not a good hand stitcher!). Then I top it off w/ a zigzag stitch around the edges. Not too bad! I made this for a friend in our ward (or was a part of our ward).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

{Miss Maddie!}

What a day!

Friday morning I decided to go for a WALK! Not a run. A walk! I was going to "take it easy". Well, while walking, I ran into a friend, who was jogging at a nice slow pace. She spotted me, I spotted her, and we walked for a bit, before I decided to go ahead & jog with her. I wasn't expecting to jog that day, but I did! I found that I love having someone to jog with! It really motivates me! Course, she did ask me several times "you OK?". Probably due to my heavy breathing. ::oops:: I felt great!!

After my shower, I hurried and found my coupons to Target so I could get my pound of apples free, not to mention the other coupon goodies that I've been finding at Target! Clipped them out, and ran off to Target. Well, Mike & the girls gave me a Carrie Underwood CD (Carnival Ride). I don't know any of the songs on it except for one: I Told You So. I love that song. However, I'd rather have her first CD, if I'm going to pick one. Well, I've been to Target about 3 times this past week or so, and each time I've forgotten the darn CD! Guess what? I forgot it again too!

Then, Mike told me to get my car washed. I guess he was sick of seeing bird droppings all over my car. Those darn doves! They may sound beautiful, but boy do they drop like there's no tomorrow! Anyways, get my car washed at one of those old fashioned car washes (that your car is on a conveyer belt (kind of) and those big washrags are brushing your car (kind of)....) anyways, that's what I went through! I get home, and an hour later, a bird decided to leave me a little present. ARGH!

Then, I go to pick up the girls from school. Maddie's teacher comes out to tell me that she had to give Maddie an unhappy face today because she kicked a boy in the priv@tes. So, according to Maddie, several of the boys were bothering her by stepping on her feet, and pulling her hair. So when they refused to stop after she told them to stop, she just turned around, kicked her foot up and I guess it landed in the spot where-it-shall-not-be-named-but-hurts-so-bad-if-you-kick there place. She said "he started screaming & grabbed his priv@tes Momma!" So, guess we need to give a little talk about where it's not great to kick....

Then, Katie's at a lateover, and Miss Maddie has a friend sleeping over tonight. I personally want to put an end to sleepovers. Anyways, after I dropped Katie off, I took the little ones to McD's for dinner & to play. Half an hour later, M's friend came to me and said in a loud voice quite frantically "there's a LIZARD in the slide!!" Well, lizards are a pretty frequent sight around here, but still.. inside McD's Play area?!! I got up, and so did another mom who overheard. We stood there and stood there waiting for Maddie or her friend to come down and tell us which slide. Then here comes little Miss Maddie. Laughing her head off. She said "oh, I'm just kidding!" ALL of the parents SIGHED! I secretly wonder what they were thinking. Were they thinking "what a firecracker that kid is?" or "does that kid keep her mom on her toes or what?" or several other things....

Anyways, that was a look at a day in my life! I'm so ready for bed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

{a girl & her flip flops}

Wednesday night Katie had her Achievement Girls activity at church. This is a program for the 8-11 year old girls. They meet twice a month at church, and do various activities that help teach them principles, learn about themselves, serve others, & to have fun (among other things)! The mothers were welcomed to attend this Recognition Night, and we were told to come in capris & flip flops. It was a wonderful evening. The theme of the evening was flip flops!

How odd... this is sideways! It's not like that on my computer before I uploaded! Just turn your head to the right to view!

The girls all decorated a pair of flip flops according to how they wanted them. They had their choice of ribbon and stickers. Katie went for a light blue ribbon wrapped around a dark brown ribbon, all tied in a double knot. Very chic!

After we were done, we enjoyed homemade ice cream that was very tropical-y! Complete with an umbrella! The girls left with a goody bag (cotton bag w/ a flip flop on it!) complete with things for their feet (since everything has a theme!). They had nail polish, a toe ring, flip flop gummies, flip flop gum, flip flop notebook pad of paper, and a flip flop keychain complete with a cute saying.

I have never in my life seen flip flip gummies!! How fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{a few thoughts on motherhood}

It kills me. Literally KILLS me.

Last week Katie took a bite out of her Twizzler, and took the bitten part and slyly threw it on the floor of my car. I caught her. I told her she had to clean my car out on Saturday. I forgot to have her clean it. So, who reminded me?

Yep, Madison did! On Monday she said "Mommy... did you forget that Katie was supposed to clean out your car on Saturday?"

Yesterday I told the girls we had to do a quick clean in our house before the missionaries came over for dinner. I told Maddie to empty the dishwasher, and Katie to vacuum. Katie started vacuuming, while Maddie is where I normally find her when she's trying to dodge doing anything. On the toilet. Always on the toilet. After all, how can a mother say "NO" to THAT? Well, Katie promptly reminded me after Maddie washed her hands and went to her room "Ummm... Mom? Doesn't Maddie have to empty the dishwasher?"

Why is it that my girls can remember the other's chores, but not their OWN chores?? It never fails. NEVER! They're each other's tattletale.

Monday, May 18, 2009

{update to C25K}

Well... I hate running.

There, I said it.

I really hate running! I have no clue what week I'm in, and I frankly don't care. I'm just doing my own thing now. Run when I feel like it, walk when I feel like it. Works for me! I figure eventually I'll be able to run a full long distance run.... in the future. I tend to stop when something in my body starts screaming at me "hey you.... I hurt!", so I listen and stop. Can't seem to "PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN!" like they tell you when you're in childbirth.

Today it is beautiful. We've been *cough* enjoying *cough* weather in the high 90's. Way too hot for me to be running outside. I think my lungs just screamed at me one time too many. Today it's in the low 80's. PERFECT weather! So, I made it running over 20 minutes (aka...running when I felt like it...) Total time I walked/ran though was an hour.

There was the first 9 minutes of running I wasn't doing so hot, so I stopped & walked. Then I reached a point later on in my run/walk that I was running without pain, without breathing pain... Breathing's so overrated, y'know? ::snort:: It was a great feeling, until I saw a huge hill ahead of me and decided to walk it. I'm such a wimp.

I used the shuffle feature on Katie's ipod. We breezed through a ton of Madonna songs... "Living in a Material world.. materialllll..." to "Supercalifragiliousgetmealagocious"... or however you spell it.... to "I'm not that Girl" from Wicked.

Yes, I hit "NEXT" a few times. I can't be bothered with Primary songs when I'm running.

P.S. You're still singing one of those songs, aren't you?!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Do you remember what it's like to walk in the grass barefoot? I don't. I'm too afraid I'm going to step on a scorpion, fire ant, spider, snake....
basically, anything that moves.

At Katie's soccer practice the other night, Maddie wanted to come. Normally she would've stayed at home with Mike, but she wanted to come.

I had my camera in my bag, and started taking pics of her while she was carefree and happy. All is well in Maddie's little world.

She took her shoes off. Sprayed some insect repellant on her legs. Rubbed it in. Then set off doing cartwheels. Over and over and over again.

Her little giggles made me smile.

Only taking a few precious minutes to watch Katie practice.
Quietly reflecting.

Then doing more cartwheels.

Life is good.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

{field trip to sea world}

Yesterday I braved & battled the good old Texas heat we've been having. Highs are about 97, humidity, well.. you can cut through it. It's pretty humid, it feels.

Katie's class went to Sea World yesterday, and I followed. Apparently, Sea World opens up just for the schools only on certain days. Yesterday one of the days. It was PACKED! Literally. Katie's teacher paired me up with her BFF's mom: Melissa. What a gal! I really like her! Very sad they're moving this summer to Georgia. Seems like all the close friends Katie makes moves away! (or we move away!). Anyways... we had to count over & over all morning & afternoon: "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8" We had EIGHT 5th graders we had to be accountable for.

Say "CHEESE!" The dolphin appears to be smiling at me.

I bring out smiles in people (well, mammals) apparently!

We started off at the Dolphin Cove. This is my favorite place to be, other than Shamu. You can pay an "are you kidding me?" price of $5 for 4 little fish to feed the dolphins. Next time I might smuggle some sardines in a can... wonder if I can get away w/ that? If you are lucky to have a dolphin come up to you withOUT fish, then you are one lucky kid! I gave Katie the use of my camera, and when I came home I found about 100 pictures of dolphins. ::rolling eyes:: There were some up close & fuzzy, some with just teeth, some with a hand covering the dolphin (b/c she's trying to take a picture AND pet the dolphin... she's in training to multi-task like all other women). There was one old dolphin that I was sure was blind. When we went back to the Dolphin Cove after the Shark area, hardly anybody was there. One dolphin was about 2 feet away from me, w/ his mouth open and no one there to put anything in it. His eyes were also closed... when I asked the guy over this whole field trip thing if the dolphin was blind, I got this weird look from him. "yeah.. no, he's not blind". Whatever.... He swims with his eyes shut, and he's asking for handouts when no one is THERE!

One of Katie's MANY dolphin pics... I've got to figure out what to do w/ all these dolphin pics

Katie (in blue) is next to her BFF Vanessa (in pink)...

reaching out and saying "pretty pretty please come see me!"

After the Dolphin Cove, we headed to the Aquarium & the Shark Reef Tank. I think one of thes harks attacked another b/c they dropped a net down to scoop up a shark... and I MISSED IT! I saw them drop it, waiting for something, but I didn't catch the excitement. Darn it.... I was too busy watching 5th graders and counting to 8 to make sure we didn't lose any.

Then we started to head for the Beluga Whales. However, we passed the gift shop. So we stopped in. THIRTY minutes later, we're done. UGH! Was it the girls who held us up? No, it was the BOYS! Two minutes after we told them we're leaving, they get in line, which was 15 minutes long. ::smack:: Finally we head to get our lunch, but are told we had to walk a mile around the park instead of taking a short detour. GRR!

They only gave us two shows to see (and all schools are expected to be there at the same time!), and they were more of the "this is a killer whale", and "this is a blow hole" type of shows. Excuse me while I yawn for a second. There was no "heart stirring" & "make you tear up" show with the beautiful music playing in the background. I feel cheated!

Following our "this is a killer whale" show, we went to a seal show. We had to walk another mile BACK to where we were... and of course, all 8 kids stood in line for a churro, drink, ice cream bar at the only snack bar open in the entire park. Ugh! So we were late to the seal show. After this show was done, it was time to GO!

So glad it's done & over with. Now I've got to wait for the Field Day, Talent Show practice, Talent Show... among other fun 5th grade activities Katie will be having.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

{what a deal!}

My sister in law Tiffany emailed me a week ago with a website that tells you the latest deals at stores. When I finally had some time to navigate around the site, which took me to more sites to explore, I decided to print some coupons off and head to Target to see if it would work!

Does it work? It did for me today!

Here is one website called Couponing 101 (just click on the word). The main page has weekly specials at different stores, and if there are some pretty awesome coupons that can be paired up with store coupons, she will have links! She has links to Target coupons, so you can print those out. This is what I bought today:

Bliss Candy bars {.99 by register}:

1 Target coupon for $1 off = FREE

Granola Bites {.99 by register}

1 Target coupon for $1 off = FREE

1 lb of apples {1.19 a lb)

1 Target coupon for $1 off a pound = $.19 total

Crystal Light (2 canisters @ $3.99 each)

1 - Target coupon for $1 off

1 - coupon for buy 1 canister get a free CL Skin Essentials

1 - coupon for $1 off = Total price for 2 boxes: $1.99

Ritz Crackers {2.54 each}

1 - Target coupon for $1 off

1 - coupon for $1 off = .54 total

Kraft BBQ {.99}

1 coupon for $1 off = FREE

Nabisco 100 calorie snack packs {2.04 each}

1 - Target coupon for $1 off

1 - coupon for $1 off = Total cost was .04 cents

Pringles {.69 by register}

1 - Target coupon for $.50 off = Total cost was .19

Kraft Natural cheese {2.09 each}

1 - Target coupon for $1 off if you buy 2

1 coupon for $1 0ff = $2. 18 (pretty cheap still for good cheese!)

Anyways... you get the idea. For all this stuff above, I spent $7.77!!

Amazing! Here are some other websites that correspond with each other:

Stretching a Buck

A Full Cup

Currently, the coupons that I used were from the Kraft Foods . You'll need to hurry up and get their coupons as they're only available for a limited time!

One thing to note about couponing... I would suggest printing out Target's coupon policy (you can do a google search for it as they're all over the net on various blogs), as some people in Target will try to limit what you can use. Target's policy states that you can use ONE manufactor's coupon and ONE Target coupon per item, so it might help to either print off Target's customer service number, or their policy and show it to them if they should ask. I didn't have problems today, but the young guy that rang up my order had to keep looking at the coupons and I knew he was thinking "what in the world is this lady doing?"

I also did two separate transactions, and I was secretly wishing I had more coupons... but I didn't print them all out twice. Darn! At least now, every time I go up to Target, I'll be sure to have those Bliss coupons, the Pringle coupons & Granola Bites coupons. Those will all be FREE!

Monday, May 11, 2009

{Mother's Day Recap}

Wow... what a weekend!

Saturday the girls & I cleaned the house, while Mike helped someone in our ward move. It was supposed to have been a short one hour move, but it turned into a 3 hour + move with only 4 men total. :( Poor guy.. then he had to go to the church to help with discussions for a nonmember... then we left at 2:30 for Katie's soccer game. Awesome lady made a goal! Good for Katie!

So, we didn't go out to eat for lunch like we normally would have for Mother's Day. Instead, Mike kicked me out of the house on Saturday night. I refused to leave, actually. There wasn't anything I wanted to do. Nor anything I wanted to buy (OK, there's ALWAYS something I want to buy, but I'm not even close to saving up the money, so why look?).... finally I was mad enough that I DID leave, and apparently it was all part of the plan.

I left to go head around the shops. I called a friend, and quite coincidentally, we were heading to the SAME store at the SAME time! We ended up eating dinner together & just gabbing for a few hours. It was pure enjoyment for me! {Thanks Shauna!!}

When I got home, I had tulips waiting for me in my vase, a card, and a Carrie Underwood Cd. Granted, I didn't know any of the songs on this particular Carrie Underwood CD (I'd rather have her first CD), I was still excited! Then Mike told me I had another present in the freezer.. my all time favorite cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! Godiva Chocolate! YUMM!

On Sunday morning I slept in as long as I could... 7:30. Just couldn't sleep in much longer than that. The girls wanted to make breakfast for me (aka... Mike would make breakfast). He made hashbrowns, bacon, eggs & toast with orange juice. Perfect!!

After breakfast, we got ready for church... the girls sang in the little kids' choir, and it was cute. Afterwards the women received little cute boxes filled with truffles! tied with a cute bow! Awesome! Headed on to Sunday school class (which Mike teaches), and we get the announcement that they're canceling the final hour of church b/c the air conditioner was broken in some of the rooms. PERFECT! I get to take a nap!!

Headed home, took a short nap, then we had dinner at a friend's house. Oh, a perfect evening to a perfect day! LOVED IT! {thanks Readings!}

Here are some of the homemade gifts the girls made.

Here is Maddie's Poem (including misspellings)


clean, butiful

giver, leader, teacher

reads storys every night


(OK.. still laughing @ butiful)

Here is Katie's poem:

Where She's From

Where is she from? She's from a family that believes different things

She's from a crafty family, from a "pop-eye the sailor man" little brother, and from a hearing-aide Grandpa.

She's from a Won-Ton eating family and from a lover of music.

She's from cries after cries from little girls, from going out and eating Mexican food and helping the school

She's from a card game of golf, lots of books and being on the computer ALL THE TIME!!!

She's from cooking up a storm, from doing the dishes & talking on the phone A LOT!!!

She's from buying a lot of stuff, from liking the opposite of what I like and from making us do our Chores.

{OK... In my defense, I'm never on the phone, nor am I on the computer a lot. In fact, my girls have taken over the computer due to Webkins. Wow, in the eyes of my daughter, I'm learning a lot about myself! }

I also had to LAUGH on Sunday @ church when I read the girl's replies to these questions:

1) What is your mom's favorite food?

Katie: salad (FAR from it kid!)

Madison: steak (sometimes)

2) What is your mom's favorite chore?

Katie: doing dishes

Madison: My mom loves doing ALL the chores! (um... yeah, right)

3) What is your mom's favorite thing to wear?

Katie: skirts (OK... does this kid even know me?)

Madison: short sleeved shirts

4) What is the one thing your mom always says?

Katie: Remember I love you!

Madison: Clean your room!

5) What is the one thing that your mom does to make you feel special?

Katie: Play games with me

Madison: I love it when she tells me she loves me

Saturday, May 9, 2009

{Happy Mother's Day!}

This is my first Mother's Day without my mom and my grandma.

I'm here in Texas... they're in Missouri & Florida.

I'm going to miss eating our annual homemade ice cream with the family {it's the only time I get a different flavor other than butterfinger, which Mike loves}, watching the guys toss horseshoes {and praying the kids stay out of the way}, or throwing the Bocci Ball {here the kids are allowed to play!}. But I'll be there in spirit...

{my mom, my grandma Dee & I on our cruise in 2007}

I love these women in my life! They made me who I am today, by example, and by their love.

{my grandma Polly & Madison}

Mothers are the place that we call home.

On them we rest our heads and close our eyes.

There's no one else who grants the same soft peace,

Happiness, contentment, sweet release,

Erasing nighttime tears with lullabies,

Restoring the bright sun that makes us bloom.

{Mike's mom w/ the girls}

I love how my girls are so secretive about what they're doing for me. They love to create & make up wonderful things (they've made up a dance so far, cards.... and they've asked what is my favorite breakfast food... ) Homemade is defintely the way to go, in my eyes!

Nothing says LOVE like homemade!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

{Vinegar + hair = ???}

I'm a huge fan of Pioneer Woman. That lady is so awesome, and I love her sense of humor, and her pictures, her love story of her & Marlboro Man, and her recipes... well, I just like Ree, period! She posted just recently about her hair, and how she used vinegar in her hair to get all the hard water crap/deposits out of her hair. {{singing "gotta wash those germs right outta our hair"... y'know, from that commercial back in the '80's?! I might have a word or two messed up, but you get the idea....}} Anyways, she figured since vinegar pretty much breaks down all deposits that hard water leaves, why not try it on our hair!! After all, I have tons of hard water here in Texas! Remember my post about my glasses?


So today, I tried it. I mixed equal portions of white vinegar & white, and after shampooing my hair, I rinsed with it. I didn't have any essential oil to add to make it smell good.... and do I smell, or what?!

Yes, I DO! I smell like PICKLES!

I was supposed to meet Mike today for lunch, but then he called to say his assistant was joining us, along w/ his wife. Great, now they're all gonna be wondering why I ::sniff:: smell. Like pickles. Driving with all the windows down on the interstate going 70 hoping the smell would blow away didn't help. ::darn::

But, it DOES feel softer! Let's hope for shinier too! ::tossing hair::

While I was on the roll to beautify myself today, I went to a new nail salon. They got me in right away for a spa pedicure. Oh my heavens! It was SO nice! They did so much more to my feet & legs than any other place that I've been to, and all for only $25!! Course, I have to wonder why I can never understand what they're saying to me when they're talking. ::rolling eyes:: I worry sometimes nodding my head is going to get me into trouble someday and I'll be agreeing to something that involves more $$. But the little piggies on my feet look so purdy! I'll defintely go back!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{Run #2 Week 5.. again}


Yay! I did 15 minutes straight this morning. ::sigh:: My bandana is completely drenched, thanks in part to southern Texas humidity (at 7:45 in the morning!). But I ran 15 minutes straight! Yay! I find when I stop running (especially after running for a longer period of time), it's hard to start up running again after walking for a bit. Another mental roadblock I have to overcome....

I snagged up a fancy ipod holder that goes around your arm at Target on Monday night that was marked down to $6 instead of $25, so that was very handy to have my hands free while I run!

Oh, and another update on the doctor. After I told the PA (who was a little snot nose if you ask me) to leave a note for the DOCTOR to look at my tests, her nurse finally called me back and told me the doctor wanted to put me on a low dosage of thyroid pills. YAY! Hopefully my weight will drop a little enough to kick start my weight loss. I also asked her to clarify my cholesterol results, and they were WAY much lower than I thought the PA said. Like 50 points lower. So I'm not in a major danger zone. It's a little high, but not that bad....

So, I picked up my pills (so thankful they're only $4!), and now I take them in the morning with a full glass of water, and I can't eat for an hour after I take them. I'll keep you posted on how I feel with them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

{botanical gardens}

Two weeks ago I signed Maddie's permission slip to go on a field trip. I didn't really pay any attention to where they were going, I just signed it. Then, the meltdown begins. Maddie starts crying b/c she's so worried she won't be able to go b/c she didn't pay her money (I paid it beginning of the school year), then she was worried she was going to get left behind, then it was one thing after another. Finally, I said "umm... do you want me to go w/ you?" She said "YES!", so I went.

The night before the field trip, I asked her "now, where are we going?" She replied "the potato garden". I said "oh." It didn't sound right. Finally, I said "honey, I don't think they grow potatoes here, do you mean the Botanical Garden?" She shrugged, and said "I dunno".

It was the Botanical Garden... not the potato garden!

Anyways, we arrived at the gardens on a warm, cloudy day. I was very sore from my workout with Bob from Biggest Loser. I walked VERY slowly, wincing when I went up steps. I learned something from Madison that day. She is very much like her Grandpa Rod. Papa Rod has always been in the front, leading the way while the rest of us are huffing & puffing in the back. He's always been like this since I was little. I credited him to having long legs for this reason... and Madison has long legs too, but I don't know if that's the reason anymore. She did not wait for any of her friends, she just took off. "C'mon over here Mom!" "Mom! over here!" "MOOOMM! Hurry up!" She didn't even take time to smell the ROSES! I mean... c'mon! It's a flower garden! Let's look at the flowers instead of trying to get through the entire garden in 2 hours!

The garden was very beautiful. There was a section where children come and plant vegetables. I tried in vain to show Maddie what grows and how it looks. But little Miss "Catch me if you can" just zoomed all over the place, very uninterested in any of the plants. I'm rethinking the "I want to grow things Mom!" request from her....

We see a huge pond, surrounded by a couple of pioneer homes. Very interesting and neat! Around this lake, are geese, waiting patiently for you to feed them. All you need is a quarter, and tada! They're fed! These aren't your normal geese though. They KNOW where their food comes from, and they wait by it. I kept honking 'Aflac.... Aflac" to them, but I don't think they had a clue what I was saying. ::what nerds::

Well, Maddie's friend's mom Irene and I kept trying to capture a picture of a goose that kept lifting up the dispenser to find more food. It was hilarious, until another goose bit me on my leg. Then it wasn't so funny. They basically said "feed me, or get out of here". So, we got outta there!

I thought this was so cool... see the roots grab onto the concrete? That's what holds them there!

I found a magnolia tree! We couldn't see the flowers without bringing the tree down, but this was the best we could do.... awesome!

Monday, May 4, 2009

{Week 5.... again}

OK, after my run last Thursday night, which proved to me I was NOT ready to go to week 6, I'm repeating week 5 and doin' my own thang!

Now, I have been sore in the buttocks {think Forrest Gump when he says this!} as well in my legs (remember me cursing Bob from Biggest Loser for all those lunges?? Yep, that did it!). Literally, it took me a few seconds to sit down, to stand up from sitting down, and walking. Mike made fun of me. :( Darn that Mike. He just laughed his head off watching me squint my eyes when I got up off the couch. I did get a compliment out of him though! He said "now, don't get ahead of yourself, but your butt looks like it's rounding up nicely". Alrighty then! {think Ace Ventura} I'll take it, and I forgive him for laughing at me. :]

Anyways, it took me from Friday - Sunday to recover. Friday I went on a field trip with Maddie's class, and oh my! I about died from all the walking! That's for another post... I got bit by a GOOSE!

Anyways, back to my story...

So, after the girls left for school, I took off running. Did 5 minutes brisk walking, then I ran for TEN whole minutes! Wahoo! Then, I walked for 5 minutes to catch my breath, then ran for another 5 minutes. I didn't keep track of what I ran/walk, but I did the entire 4 mile trail walking & running. I do know I ran 5 minutes twice, one 10 minute cycle, and a bunch of 1-3 minute running cycles.

I felt FINE! Mighty FINE! {think O Brother Where Art Thou? when I write "Mighty fine"} Now, my legs hurt. And so does my Buttocks. In fact, my legs are trembling. Gotta be a good thing!

What am I gonna do on Wednesday? Not sure, maybe try for 12 - 15 minutes running straight, and hopefully by Friday I can do the 20 minutes straight.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

{maddie's beautiful roses}

I can't grow anything. Green wise, I mean. I can grow kids, but that's it.

But there are a few rose bushes outside my house. And these beautiful flowers are blooming.

Maddie checks on them everyday. She's so tickled pink to see flowers growing.

Now she wants to grow some flowers. Lord, help me. I have to teach her how to grow stuff. All I know how to do is kill flowers. :( But, if my child has an interest in something, I want to be able to foster a love for things she's interested in. I need a dummy's guide to planting stuff.

I just threw a plant my neighbor gave me away. Get this. On the label it said "hard to kill... for the plant lover who doesn't have a green thumb". And I killed it.
Yep... I'm a flower/green murderer.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

{I luv this purse}

When we took a trip back home to Kansas City back in March, my parents asked me what I wanted to do, or rather, what places did I HAVE to go to. On my list was Gordman's. I love Gordman's. It used to be called the Half Price Store, and I have found so many of my house decorations there, for half the price! Love that store!

I have always loved their purses. I always treat myself to a new purse every year. I don't buy anything fancy. This year, I bought this purse, with this wallet. They had colors of black, white, pink & yellow. The yellow I was really leaning towards, then the black (b/c it'll go w/ everything!), but deep down inside, I just couldn't get away from the pink. It was calling my name. "Amy! Amy! You know you want me!" so, I listened to the purse, and I bought it.

Good old Katie rolled her eyes, and said "PiNk? You picked PINK?!!"

Madison LOVED the pink purse (her favorite color is pink).

I love it too! and my wallet goes with it just perfectly!

Friday, May 1, 2009

{i give in....}

ok .... ok..... you all win. Here is a glorious picture of me in my bandana. Covered in sweat after my run last night.

So there! Nothing fancy! Just a rolled up bandana, covered in sweat. Blech

So, I went on my run Thursday night, for some weird reason.... oh yeah! I'm going on a field trip w/ Madison today! Thursday I enjoyed my time doing exercise videos from my On Demand on my cable. And those lunges DID kill my legs (just an FYI). I thought "oh, I need to hurry up and go on my run TONIGHT instead of Friday after school b/c it'll be way too hot to run, and who wants to run on Friday nights?" Not this girl! {not that I have anything going on, which I don't....anyone wanna do something??} So I grabbed Katie, and we left for a run.

Now, I double checked the cool running website to make sure it was the 20 minute run. I didn't want to have to run one minute over, get what I'm saying? Well, it turns out I did my Wednesday run WRONG! ::smack:: I was supposed to run 8 minutes, walk 5 minutes, then run 8 minutes. UGH! Sure enough, my 3rd run of the week is a 20 minute run. I didn't think I could do it, but I set out with the hopes I could do it.

So we run... and we're running. Katie's way ahead of me. Then she stops and walks. By the time I catch up to her and past her, she shoots past me again. We do this the entire time. Physically, my legs were fine {my knees hurt at first, from the lunges, but that went away}. I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. However, by the time I reached 10 minutes, my breathing was all out of whack again. I had to stop at a little over 13 minutes. ::ugh:: I mean, it's imperitive that we breathe, right? I didn't think Katie could drag me home. So, she & I walk until we get to the road to head back to our house (it was about an 8 minute walk, give or take a few minutes). Then, I ran all the way back to my house... another 4 minutes plus some seconds.

Am I disappointed in myself? A bit. But I realized something. I can run 13 minutes straight! I also realized that I need to repeat week 5 again. This time I think I'm going to slowly do 8 minutes run, 5 minute walk, then 8 minute run on Monday, then on Wednesday, bump that up to 10 or 12 minute run, 5 minute walk, then another 10/12 minute run. Hopefully by Friday I'll be able to do the 20 minute straight run. It's all about listening to my body, and my body is telling me to slow it down so it can learn to breathe!!
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