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Sunday, January 10, 2010

...fun in the snow part 2

Since I took so many pictures of the girls & their cousins playing in the snow, I had to divide it up into two parts. This time I added in the cousins! Mike's uncle & aunt have a HUGE yard out back (see that awesome looking old vehicle? That would be AMAZING for a photoshoot!) Anyways, they had a few small man made hills for 4 wheeling, so the kids went down this little mini hill.

It was pretty bitter cold out, and I didn't have snow pants for the girls. They were frozen solid by the time they were done. But they didn't care! In this picture, we're missing two boy cousins.. they were inside the house playing the Wii and staying warm.
I don't blame them ONE bit!

Here is Katie & her cousin Hannah. Technically, they're second cousins. These kids are actually Mike's first cousins. But, these kids were raised with my girls, so they're pretty close, especially in age and in friendship. OH look! Katie's eating snow! AGAIN!

Mike has four wheel drive in his truck, so he pulled a sled behind his truck around the big yard. The kids had a BLAST! At first, helmets were not used, but after a few times around, the kids wore helmets... always a good choice!

This set of pictures just cracks me up. Maddie's expressions are just hilarious. I don't have one picture of Maddie where her facial expression is NOT oozing excitement!

Maddie 'n Leah going down the little hill...

Maddie, Zach & Seth crash landing at the bottom of the hill...

Hannah is the oldest out of all of them. I met her when she was just a little over a year old, chubby cheeks, and just cute as could be. Now she's 14! Ready to take on the world!

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  1. Your girls are so cute! Maddie's expressions are totally priceless!


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