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Thursday, January 21, 2010

...grandma 'n katie

I have a grandma who I called "Grandma in the house" when I was little. I had another grandma that I called "Grandma in Texas". My "grandma in Texas" moved to Florida, and it took YEARS for us to adjust & start calling her "Grandma in Florida".

I have no idea why I called my grandma Polly "grandma in the house". Was it because she was always in the house? Was it because she lived several blocks away from us? I don't know. My grandma is a short little feisty gal. She's tiny.. but she's the spunkiest person I know. I think she's 5'2"? Maybe 5'1"? HER mother was even smaller! She was 4'11" (give or take an inch)!

Grandma Polly is also a butt pincher. No one's butt is safe from Grandma. She also gives triple kisses. ::smooch:: ::smooch:: ::smooch::

Grandma Polly taught me how to make homemade fabric yoyo's. She also watched me when I was home from school: sick, puking.. and giving me warm Coca-Cola to drink, which I then proceeded to throw up again. My parents were working, but grandma was home. She loves her soaps on TV. Still does!

Grandma has a trunk that I think is magical. Every so often at Grandma's house, I would ask to take a trip through her trunk. Her trunk has tons of mementos inside: newspaper clippings, old dolls, pictures.... everything that will take a person back through memory. She would tell me stories of herself as a kid, how much a soda pop would cost, or going to the theater. I love her trunk... it holds many great memories for me, and the happy times I spent with my grandma when I was a little girl.

She once threw me a party for all my friends when I was a teen, and we had a "tacky party". We all had to come dressed as tacky as we possibly could. (wigs, clothes inside out or backwards, mismatched clothes, etc). She played some fun games as well, such as sending us out to the neighborhood on a scavenger hunt asking for oddball things such as Q-tips, and needles, and toilet paper. You should have seen people's faces when they opened the door and found a few groups of teens dressed weird, asking for q-tips.

All of her grandkids knew we were growing up when we were able to catch up to grandma's height. Anyways, every time one of her grandkids caught up to her in height, we knew we were getting older. Katie has been eyeballing Grandma for a year or two now, and I think, she's finally caught up to her!

I'm imagining she's telling Katie "now listen here.... "


  1. what a fun post. Ryan's Mother ( my MIL) is also 5'1". All of the older grandkids are as tall or taller then Grandma B. It is fun to see how excited the grandkids get when they then noticed they are taller then Grandma B.

  2. So fun!! I love the tacky party. I need to remember that one for when my kids get older. :D


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