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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

.... tea party at grandma's

Every time my girls went to Grandma's house, they would always have a tea party. The day we arrived in Missouri, it was cold, rainy & dreary. The rain turned into snow. The snow turned into a blizzard. So Grandma said "let's have a tea party!".

And we did! With our little pinkies raised like real English ladies! We even used Grandma's grandma's teapot!

We had toasted peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I was a newbie at Grandma's tea party, and at Grandma's tea parties... homemade french fries are always served.
With Crystal Light Peach punch!
Yummm! I love this kind of tea party!

This is my other niece Layla. This is her first tea party ever. She enjoyed munching on a bowl. She had a blast... trust me. Not a peep out of this kid!

And here is Presley at the tea party. She came dressed as Cinderella. I think.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so fun! I totally need to have a tea party with my daughters.

  2. hahah-- I am cracking up. I forgot about this. So much fun, I am craving those french fries. And yes, P lady was one of her favs Cinderella:) And you know Layla, shes so calm I forget shes there half the time:0..


  3. What a great tradition. Those fries look oh so good! Hm, maybe I should go eat breakfast.....

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