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Monday, January 25, 2010

...happy birthday Blondie!

We love you even though you make these kinds of faces.

I don't know who you take after, but we still stand by our story of how you came to us.

We found you under a rock.

Psst... a more appropriate birthday post is coming soon....
Whenever I find the time....
to scan in pictures....


  1. Oh my gosh that face! LOL! She is so funny. Happy Birthday to Katie!

  2. Ha, I ♥ it! Happy Birthday to Katie.

  3. I can't believe she is 12! I can remember loving on her when she was so tiny. We love you Katie!! Oh, and I have a gift for her I just need to mail it, I've had sick kids and been a little out of the reality realm. Happy Birthday Katie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Katie! Hope you enjoy your new foray into Young Women's.

  5. LOL I love that pic!!! She is probably mortified that you posted it! haha:) Happy b day to her, let me know when she gets her package from us.


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