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Monday, January 18, 2010

....new table!

The family had a very happy day a few weeks ago.

We introduced someone new into the family.

A dining room table with 8 chairs.

Every time Mike & I find a table + chairs that we like, we always wait...
and by the time we are ready to go buy the furniture, they run out.
{we've been looking @ Sam's as they have the best deals ever on furniture!}

Finally, we have learned our lesson. Buy it when we see it. So we did.
The table was only out for a few weeks, and we snatched the last one. YAY!

I have to say, this was THE missing link that pulled my entire room together.


  1. NICE!! What a fabulous addition to your dining area.

  2. Oh it is perfect!! Congrats to you all and happy eating!

    PS I can't wait to take Katie on SUNDAY!! We are so thrilled to have her in YW!

  3. Love the table! It looks so nice.


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