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Friday, January 22, 2010

...the game is SPEED!

I'm so glad the days of Candyland is over. I hated that game.
Even Chutes 'n Ladders. Including that cherry tree game that we played.
We played it so many times I wanted to die of boredom. I know.. mean mom!

Imagine my excitement now that my girls are old enough to play games that I like to play!
Like card games! and Chinese Checkers!

I was taught the game of Speed when I was in high school. I played with my friend Jennifer. She gave me scratches over my hands every time I played with her. It quickly became a game I was NOT fond of playing with Jennifer.

Then, Katie learned how to play it from a friend! Oh, it brought back the memories! Now both my girls play it. One is a fast mover at the cards, the other is gentle & laid back.
Guess who wins?

Imagine this argument:
"NO! You're not doing it right!!"

then this little hand messes up all the cards.... typical.


  1. My family loves card games. I need to teach my family Speed.

  2. So fun! I used to play speed with my sisters all the time when we were teens.

  3. I LOVE speed!! We still play it a ton. That and Spit, California Speed, and Kings in the Corner.


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