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Sunday, January 17, 2010

...things I learned this week

What a week.... here is a list of things I've learned:
  • Katie wants to grow up.... & I won't let her
  • Maddie's music teacher has a "grouchy" voice. {her words, not mine}
  • Totally loving MyJobChart.com.... my girls are ecstatic about it too!
  • I'm seriously in love w/ the show Chuck. Doesn't hurt that the guy who plays him is eye candy!
  • Katie has too much hair! Tried to get her hair up in hot rollers... didn't succeed
  • Love Lady Gaga's music, but I think she is just plain weird...
  • Not to mention "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum... can't listen to it enough!
  • Or "Fireflies" by Owl City!
  • Or "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood
  • Apparently Maddie can never have too many toys
  • I only have a week left to plan Katie's birthday
  • Maddie can't remember her Highland Sword Dance... ERRGG! in time for the Burns dinner next week...
  • It takes approximately $100 a month for our girls to eat at school. That is going to change, if I have a say in it...
  • Maddie drives me nuts when we go shopping. She seriously has a bad case of "I WANT's"
  • My legs are seriously screaming at me to stop working out on the elliptical a day after working out with Mandi....
  • Mandi kicks my butt twice a week.... for the better though! One of these days, the fat is going to drop O-F-F!
  • Mountain Cedar season is kicking my family's butt..... specifically Mike, & the girls
  • My girls are so peaceful with each other.... when they sleep!!!


  1. I love Chuck too! I started watching the past seasons last year and LOVED it.

    That picture of your girls is SO sweet!

  2. Such a wonderful picture.
    I love running to Lady Gaga's music.

  3. I love Chuck, too!!! And Fireflies. My 4 year old has it mostly memorized.


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