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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...snow, snow, and MORE snow! Part 1

When we moved to south Texas, we realized we probably wouldn't see snow again, for a very very long time. When we went back to Missouri for a winter vacation, to our surprise, we had a BLIZZARD waiting for us! Yay! Haven't been in a blizzard... I think... ever! What a surprise! On Christmas morning, we woke up to a high amount of snow (8 inches), but it was dry. Totally not good for snowballs. Then again, it was 20 degrees, who wants to be out in that cold weather? Not me!

On the following Monday, Mike & I took the girls to his uncle's house. They have kids our girls' ages, and they all had a blast playing in their backyard, sledding & playing in the snow.

Enjoy my overabundance pictures of the snow. This is only.... part 1!

The cousins.... missing a few boys

Katie especially loves to eat the snow. Wonder if she knows that dogs do pee in the snow?

My lil' rosy cheek baby



SO much fun!

Katie REALLY loves to eat snow.

This picture was originally upside down.... perfect!

Yep.... still eating snow.


  1. great pictures! You need to teach me.

  2. I cant believe they lasted so long in the cold snow!! I hated going outside. It was good to see you over the break:) PS- Presley is in LOVE with her magnetic barbies. I hid it until we got on the plane and let her play with it the first time. It was a big hit and the perfect travel toy!

  3. Sooo fun! I need to take my girls out to the snow so they can experience how fun it is. :)


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