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Sunday, January 3, 2010

...Madison's baptism

While in Missouri, Maddie was baptized. It was her choice, as she said Independence was home to her, and many of her friends and family were there.

Before the baptism, I had a white towel embroidered with her name & her baptism date on it. I had done the same thing for Katie as well almost 4 years ago. I also had a towel embroidered for Mike as well, when he came out of the water after the baptism was complete. However, instead of two towels for Mike to enjoy in the future, I used the same towel he used with Katie's baptism, and had Maddie's name & date embroidered on the opposite side!

Here they are on Christmas morning, opening up their gifts of towels!

It had snowed a LOT the day we arrived in Kansas City. In fact, about 11 inches of snow!
We were thrilled to see our family & friends who braved the snow to come & enjoy this happy day with us!

Grandma N talked on baptism. Papa N talked on the Holy Ghost. After Maddie was given the gift of the Holy Ghost, both she & Katie faced their fears, and sang "When I am Baptized" to a large group of people! They sang so beautifully... I was so proud! You can expect to see the Nelson girls traveling to a place near you... {OK, totally dreaming about that one!}

After it was all over & done, everyone enjoyed a huge dessert bar full of different kinds of desserts! It was delicious!

Some of the "ACK" moments during this night:
  • trying to get the printer working in the library... out of toner
  • barely found a jumper for Maddie to wear
  • Maddie came to me and whispered "am I supposed to wear underwear?" ::giggle:: She didn't have any underwear on... so I made her put her underwear back on, only to discover that she had lime green underwear with her. Thankfully, I brought a white pair of undies for her to change into after the baptism!
  • I had made a photobook full of Maddie's pictures and had bought a silver pen for everyone to write on the black pages. However, it malfunctioned. Silver ink went everywhere. Bummer... we wanted to get a John Hancock of everyone there!
  • tons of snow... single digit temperatures


  1. Congrats to Maddie! Love all the pictures.

  2. Awww, she looks so sweet. What a beautiful family!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the towel idea so much! I am storing that little nugget away for when my kids are baptized. You all look so beautiful in your family picture!

  4. Maddie looked so beautiful . What a special day for your family.

  5. I wish we could have been there...

  6. Congratulations! It all sounded so beautiful. (We baptized Pip on the same day.)


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