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Monday, January 11, 2010

... the quest to get Presley's smile

I have an adorable niece. (well, I have three adorable nieces, but this is one of them)

Presley is her name. She's got these big blue {my SIL told me they were blue.. I thought they were brown!} eyes. Long eyelashes. Blonde hair. She reminds me of Katie when she was two years old. But, I can't get the little stinker to smile for me! However, I did capture some of her MANY expressions she has over Christmas break.
It was so hilarious!

Some of the times, we would catch her picking her nose. Of course. What 2 year old doesn't pick their nose?! Other times, she covered her face when she saw me pick up my camera. She would shout "NOOOOOOO"

This one night, we played a game. Her momma opened a present.
Watch her excitement in her face. It's hilarious.

This little girl loves her momma!

Isn't she a striking image of her momma?! Beautiful!

and sadly, this is the ONLY picture I have of that little girl smiling.

She's playing "can you see Katie through the cup?" game.....


  1. Ok, I love the pics of P, but I look hoRRID!! in all of the pics.. I am making some yucky faces as well, guess thats where she gets it from. Oh-- I guess you cant tell in your picks but she has blue eyes:)



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